Is Your Home Ready to Show? Pretend Your Boss is Coming to Dinner…

Disclaimer: this agent is not a home stager, does not represent a home stager, and does not play a home stager on tv.  This agent is highly qualified to comment based on extensive viewing of hgtv and current active properties in her farm area, which is not to say that she visits farms very often.  This agent also has her own home that is not on the market, because no way is it remotely ready.

After reading Valerie Zinger’s hilarious blog about bathrooms (Don’t Flush Away a Sale), I got to thinking about what we “see” – and don’t see- in our own homes.

I must admit, I am guilty of the fluffy toilet seat cover. I know.  Vern Yip Vern Yipwould probably faint if he saw this, so if you don’t tell him, I won’t.

fluffy toiletI have a very good reason for owning said fluffy seat cover. Any of you who have young kids know that toilet seats and covers get slammed down very often, and this is how I found out that they don’t make them like they used to, because my toilet seat chipped and cracked after the cover was dropped on it too many times without the fluffy cover.  At least, that’s my story, so I’m sticking to it.

But after seeing Valerie’s post, it occurs to me that we very often don’t see what’s in our own home, unless we “look” through someone else’s eyes.  In fact, whenever my husband really wants to complete a project that he hasn’t gotten around to, he plans a big dinner party!  (that way, he is forced to finish it so our house doesn’t look like a big embarrassment! I’m totally serious here.)

This came home to me recently when my neighbors came through my back yard to help me with a small plumbing problem (I couldn’t turn my sink off because I broke off the faucet handle….that might be another post…), and I realized I hadn’t picked up after my dog in a couple days.  YUCK.  But I honestly wasn’t thinking of that until my neighbors walked through my back yard.

This is why it is ALWAYS a good idea to get another set of “eyes” on your home!  Ever notice that you can have a stack of mail, school notices, magazines and catalogues on your kitchen counter and not even see them?  It’s true- admit it. It’s ok, I won’t tell.  Because I KNOW that as soon as you know someone might come by, that stack is GONE.

Especially if it is someone who’s opinion you care about. I’m not saying that you have to take their opinion as gospel, but if it would even remotely embarrass you to have this person see it, then their opinion counts.

So if you are thinking about whether your home is show ready,  pretend your boss is coming over. Or The Boss, if that helps.  This will work regardless of whether your home is “staged”, but those people are professional “eyes”, so I’d trust them to tell it straight!

Bruce S

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