A NEW Ordinance in Commerce City: Trash Talkin’ with Jennifer Prestwich, Your Belle Creek REALTOR

This One's No Garbage!

I’m not usually known for trash talk.  But there’s a new ordinance in Commerce City that breaks that rule- I’ve just gotta!

Commerce City recently passed a new ordinance regarding trash and recycling receptacles.  If you’ve lived in our area for any length of time, you have no doubt seen run-away garbage cans being blown down the street.

In an effort to beautify our neighborhoods (and protect our car doors and windshields!), the ordinance states that they must be kept out of public view, expect on collection days.  In residential areas, they must be kept behind a privacy fence, in a garage or enclosed storage area, completely away from public view.  They can be set out the night before collection, but must be put away within 24 hours of collection.

Failure to properly store containers will result in a Notice of Violation from the City’s Neighborhood Services Division.  Failure to comply with the Notice will result in a $100 fine.  A second violation within 12 months will result in a $300 fine!

Let’s keep it clean, folks!

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