Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? Twins!

Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood? Twins!

You know what they say…. there must be something in the water….

Is there something in the water?

It seems that Belle Creek in Henderson, CO, is experiencing a bit of a baby boom. The ebb and flow of family creation will naturally include twins from time to time. But in a neighborhood of roughly 300 homes, 3 sets born within 6 months of one another seems like the plot of a sitcom!

I just love getting to know my neighbors better.  It helps me to understand the needs of my real estate clients and it brings our community closer together.

That is why I choose to knock on doors rather than mail out my Quarterly Market Data Report for Belle Creek.

it was a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon- with a record high!- 2 weeks ago. I slathered on the sun block and set out.

First, I noticed that on 106th Place there was a young man struggling to hoist a crib (still in box) up his front steps. I stopped to chat as his adorable wife came out of the house to hand him a furniture strap to ease his load. Then I noticed a second crib still in the car.

Twins? You bet.

Then, something even funnier happened. Up on Dayton Way, a front door was open so that a family could enjoy the fresh air. I called “hello!” and they welcomed me inside. There on the floor in their infant seats, napping away… Twins! One boy, one girl, about 3 months old. Mom and Dad were beaming as they told me that they were already sleeping through the night, and that 3 year old big sis was happy as a clam with her new siblings.

What a coincidence, I thought. Until I came upon the third set!

On the north end of Belle Creek Boulevard, a happy and exhausted set of parents have welcomed home their set just a few days before I came-a-knockin’.

Could it be something in the water?


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