Springtime in the Rockies: What to do About Your Roof After a Hail Storm by Jennifer Prestwich- your Henderson CO Real Estate Rsource

May 13, 2011

Adams County Colorado

Springtime in the Rockies- What to do About Your Roof After a Hail Storm

Springtime in the Rockies means all kinds of weather- sun, snow, and hail. But, what do you do if you think you need a roof repair or replacement?

If you notice pitted shingles or if shingles have blown off your roof, you may need to have it repaired or even replaced.  To determine the best way to go about this, I asked Adrian Feijoo, a State Farm Insurance agent.  Adrian is a Colorado native actively involved in our community, truly embracing the “Good Neighbor,” motto.

“The process is so simple that it’s almost silly,” says Adrian.  “But, if you aren’t familiar with it, there are some common mistakes to avoid.”

The first thing to do is to call a roofer, not your insurance company. Often times when you call your insurance 800-number, it can trigger a claim set-up, even if you are only calling to ask a question. Once a claim is reported on your insurance, it will stay on there, even if you don’t pursue it or there was never a payout.  Claims for small things add up and can cause your rates to increase or even for your insurance company to cancel your policy.

Adrian recommends calling a reputable, local roofer to get an assessment first. The best way to get a referral is to ask friends, neighbors or a local Realtor. If you have a dedicated insurance agent, he or she will usually have several preferred roofers that they have worked with in the past to refer you to, without triggering a claim against your insurance.

The roofer will get onto your roof to determine the extent of the damage- if indeed there is any- and how much it will cost to fix.

Homeowners also need to know what their deductible is before they call the insurance company. There are two types of deductible: either a set dollar amount- say $500 or $1,000- or a percentage of the insurance amount- say 1%.  Keep in mind that this is a percentage of the entire insured amount, not a percentage of the cost to repair.  On a $300,000 homeowner’s policy, this is $3,000!  In some cases, the roofing company can roll your deductible into the claim or even waive the deductible so that you are not out of pocket.

If the roofer determines that the roof is a total loss, you should consider an “Impact Resistive” roof. A Class 3 or Class 4 roof may help you qualify for a significant discount on your homeowner’s insurance, so be sure to ask what discounts are available.

In Adrian’s own experience, his father-in-law was able to get a 28% discount on his homeowner’s insurance by going with an Impact Resistive roof.

Always let a smile be your umbrella, but if it hails, be sure to call a roofer first!

Adrian Feijoo, State Farm Insurance Agent



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