Belle Creek Homes for Sale – Market Data for Fall 2011 by Jennifer Prestwich

The market data in Belle Creek has taken a decided turn for the better.

This Belle Creek home went under contract in 2 days!

At the end of 3Q, we saw 1 closed home sale for the month of September.  This would seem to be a natural decline in Belle Creek home sales, especially when compared to September 2010’s 2 closed home sales.

Fast forward to Belle Creek home sales activity for October and November, 2011.  Belle Creek saw 4 existing homes sold and 1 newly built home sale closed.

This number is steady when compared to 2010’s October and November data, but month-over-month, it blows September’s activity out of the water.

The difference, however is in the pricing and the amount of time spent on market.  In my next post, I will address these numbers and how they relate to the larger Belle Creek market.


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